Appointments & Promotions

This page contains information about appointments and promotions for tenure-track and teaching faculty members along with template letters for external evaluation requests. Questions or updates should be sent to the Academic Council Administrator at

Tenure Regulations

To allow individual faculty members maximum opportunity to demonstrate scholarly capacity and intellectual growth, and to give the Academic Council ample time to evaluate fairly the individual, the following tenure regulations have been approved by the President and the Board of Trustees.

Appointment and Promotion Procedures

Departments & Centers

Description of Academic Titles, Appointment and Promotion Policies

Tenure-line Faculty

Teaching Faculty

The primary responsibility of persons appointed to the Associate Teaching Professors and Teaching Professors ranks are to assist in the teaching mission of the schools and programs of the Homewood Schools. These individuals are full-time non-tenure track instructors, hired to teach on a long-term basis, in positions commensurate with their qualifications.

Ad Hoc Committees