Teaching Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee

2022/2023 Membership

Chairs (ex-officio)

Christopher Cannon, KSAS Vice Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences

Bertrand Garcia-Moreno, KSAS Vice Dean for Natural Sciences

Edward Scheinerman, WSE Vice Dean for Faculty

Academic Council Voting Members (ex-officio)

Rama Chellappa, Biomedical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ali Khan, Economics

Nominated Voting Members

Daniel Desormeaux, Modern Languages and Literatures (09/29/22-8/31/24)

Eileen Haase, Biomedical Engineering ((09/29/22-8/31/24)

Laura Mason, History (09/29/22-8/31/24)

Scott Smith, Computer Science (09/29/22-8/31/24)