2022 – 2023 Academic Council Committees and Liaisons


Senior Council members: set agendas and chair evening meetings; attend morning agenda committee meetings; serve as liaison to faculty and administration

  • Ali Khan, Fall 2022
  • Richard Bett, Spring 2023
Appointments and Promotions

Communicate with ad hoc committee chairs on procedural matters/questions; review checklists for ad hoc committee reports; review and approve all assistant professor (tenure-track) and other non-tenure track faculty appointments

  • Karen Fleming, chair
  • Stephen Campbell
  • Robbie Shilliam
  • Jeff Wang [Board of Review]
Academic Affairs

Review and provide recommendations to Council on proposals from the following standing committees: KSAS Curriculum Committee, WSE Curriculum Committee, Homewood Graduate Board, Whiting School Graduate Committee and the Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) Academic Committee

  • Thomas Haine [AAP Academic Committee], chair
  • Rama Chellappa [WSE Curriculum Committee]
  • David Gracias [WSE Graduate Committee]
  • Ali Khan [KSAS Curriculum Committee]
  • Trina Schroer [Homewood Graduate Board/ Doctor of Philosophy Board]
Administration and Bylaws

Draft revisions to documents when necessary

  • Joel Bader, chair
  • Richard Bett
  • Matthew Roller

Approve minutes

  • Matthew Roller, Fall 2022
  • David Gracias, Spring 2023
  • AAP Academic Committee- Thomas Haine
  • Board of Review- Jeff Wang
  • Homewood Graduate Board/ Doctor of Philosophy Board- Trina Schroer
  • KSAS Curriculum Committee- Ali Khan
  • WSE Curriculum Committee- Rama Chellappa
  • WSE Graduate Committee- David Gracias