2016 – 2017 Academic Council Committees and Liaisons


Senior Council members: set agendas and chair evening meetings; attend morning agenda committee meetings; serve as liaison to faculty and administration

  • Marc Ostermeier, fall 2016
  • Richard Jasnow, spring 2017
Appointments and Promotions

Communicate with ad hoc committee chairs on procedural matters/questions; review checklists for ad hoc committee reports; review and approve all assistant professor (tenure-track) and other non-tenure track faculty appointments

  • Paul Dagdigian, chair
  • Howard Katz
  • Richard Jasnow
  • Lawrence Principe (fall); Sharon Achinstein (spring)
Academic Affairs

Review and provide recommendations to Council on proposals from the following standing committees: KSAS Curriculum Committee, WSE Curriculum Committee, Homewood Graduate Board, Whiting School Graduate Committee and the Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) Academic Committee

  • Andreas Andreou, chair
  • Bill Leslie
  • Kevin Hemker
  • Steven David
Administration and Bylaws

Draft revisions to documents when necessary

  • Darryn Waugh, chair
  • Marc Ostermeier
  • Karen Beemon
  • Jane Bennett (fall) Steve Morgan (spring)

Approve minutes

  • Richard Jasnow, fall 2016
  • Sharon Achinstein, spring 2017
  • Board of Review- Howard Katz
  • Homewood Graduate Board- Marc Ostermeier
  • AAP Academic Committee- Bill Leslie
  • WSE Curriculum Committee- Andreas Andreou
  • WSE Graduate Committee- Kevin Hemker
  • KSAS Curriculum Committee- Steven David