Whiting School of Engineering Graduate Committee

2016/2017 Membership

Ex Officio

Ed Scheinerman, Chair Vice Dean for Education, WSE ers@jhu.edu ongoing

Dexter Smith Associate Dean, EP dsmith37@jhu.edu ongoing


Howard Weinert Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering 62387 howard@jhu.edu 2014-2017

Kevin Yarema Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering 410-614-6835 kyarema1@jhu.edu 2014-2017

A. Lynn Roberts Professor, Geography & Environmental Engineering 6-4387 lroberts@jhu.edu 2013-2016

Joseph Suter* APL Mission Area Executive for National Security Space/Program Chair EP: Engineering Management, Technical Management/ Acting Program Chair: EP Space Systems Engineering NA Joseph.Suter@jhuapl.edu 2015-2018

James Guest Associate Professor, Civil Engineering 6-3923 jkguest@jhu.edu 2013-2016

Margarita Herrera-Alonso Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering 6-5592 herrera@jhu.edu 2013-2016

Academic Council Liaison

Marc Ostermier Associate Professor, Chem. & Biomolecular Eng. 6-6724 oster@jhu.edu 2015-2016

Graduate Student

Kunal Saluja* Robotics: Masters Student NA ksaluja1@jhu.edu 2015-2016

Academic Staff

Christine Kavanagh Director of Graduate Academic Affairs 6-5938 christinekavanagh@jhu.edu ongoing Doug Schiller Assistant Director, EP 6-2278 schiller@jhu.edu ongoing